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Hello dear HOLA CITY players and investors! 🎉
🚨 Important announcement: Users who try to cheat and try to increase their reference points with fake accounts will be BANNED when detected. Such actions are harmful to the HOLA CITY ecosystem and other users and are unacceptable.
Please remember, HOLA CITY is a platform that aims to promote honest and fair play. Instead of resorting to methods such as cheating to be successful, make the most of the opportunities offered by the game.
To ensure the strong and healthy growth of our community, it is important that each of you abide by these rules and strive to abide by the principle of fair play.
We would like to remind you of the following precautions:
a) Single account policy: Each user is required to have only one account. Users with multiple accounts will be banned when detected. b) Fake testimonials: Attempting to increase referral points with fake accounts is strictly prohibited and will result in your accounts being terminated if detected. c) Honest play: HOLA CITY expects all its users to play honestly and fairly. Anyone who tries to cheat or engages in actions that adversely affects the gaming experience of others will be banned.
As the HOLA CITY family, let's work together to create a stronger and more successful community by following these rules. Together, by adhering to the principle of fair play and integrity, we can achieve success and grow our community in the crypto metaverse world of HOLA CITY.
Please respect the rules and respect other players while enjoying the game. Remember, the best way to succeed at HOLA CITY is to work collaboratively, learn and support each other.
If you are observing suspicious activity or have information about such activities, please contact HOLA CITY support team and report the situation. We are here for your safety and the best protection of your gaming experience.
Thank you and good luck in HOLA CITY! 🚀🌟 [email protected]